Saturday, February 28, 2009

Like Mother, Like Son...

****Disclaimer - No Diet Coke was consumed by the munchkin****

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been super nervous about Hudson giving up the bottle. Three months ago I started trying to replace a bottle a day with a sippy cup of formula to try to wean him slowly. Well, he wanted no part of that. Screaming, crying, shoving the sippy cup away...even throwing it! Anything to get that bottle (keep in mind he would drink water from the cup without a problem) so I decided to wait until a year and go cold turkey. Today was the day! I (tearfully) gave him his last bottle last night. This morning after his breakfast I got out the sippy cup, filled it with milk and took him to snuggle on the couch. My worrying was for nothing - he downed the four ounces in no time flat. I got him a little more and he enjoyed that while watching his new favorite show - the Backyardigans! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this wasn't a fluke!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Year Stats

Today was Huddy's one year check-up! This was a hard one. The shots were AWFUL!!! People had warned me, but I still wasn't fully prepared. He cried harder than I have ever seen him cry. Poor little guy. :( I was a nervous wreck during the shots (and for most of the afternoon). Thankfully, he is doing just fine. The nurse told me to expect a fever in about 6 days which kind of freaks me out, but she said it is totally normal.

Dr. M (pictured above with Hudson) said Huddy is doing great. Developmentally he is right on track. He also told us to stop giving him the bottle immediately. So, tonight I gave him the last bottle ever. I won't lie - I cried a little.

Here are Huddy's one year stats:
Height - 32 inches (95%)
Weight - 22 lbs 14 oz (50%)
Head - 18 1/2 (??)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I think we were all a little worn out after the birthday fun! So Sunday we hung out around the house and laid low. Hudson enjoyed his new chair and a little Backyardigans!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hudson's First Birthday Party!!! Part I

We had such a fun celebration for Hudson yesterday. 40+ loved ones came to help us celebrate and we were so thankful for each of them!
Here is the birthday boy anxiously awaiting their arrival:Taking a break in his birthday present from mommy and daddy:

The pary be honest I had originally concoted an elaborate theme in my head (Winter ONEderland), but then realized that from here on out birthdays would be all about themes. So, we opted to keep it simple this year and just stick to blue and chocolate brown:

My friend Christy gave me this great idea for a tablecloth! We will add his handprint every year...

A couple more family pictures before the party got started:

Hudson's First Birthday Party! Part II

We tried to make sure we captured all of our guests on camera:

Hudson's First Birthday Party! Part III

Hudson's first taste of sugar! I was a little worried that he would be freaked out with everyone looking at him and singing, but he loved it. He looked around and smiled a little. When he started eating his cake people started clapping, so of course, he had to clap along. After every bite he would clap for himself and look around expectantly. It took him a minute to figure out what the cake was, but he dug in soon enough. I think sugar was a hit! :)

Hudson's 1st Birthday Party! Part IV

Hudson had such a fun time opening gifts. ;) He had to take a bottle break in the middle of it, so we continued on for him. We had so many sweet friends and family join us yesterday! We are so appreciative of everyone coming and helping celebrate our sweet baby boy!!! We are thankful for all of you and all that you mean to us!