Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothing says 20 something degree weather…

like an ice cream cone!

Hudson loves sharing ice cream with his daddy.  I think he may even get the majority of it which is quite a feat when it comes to ice cream and Trent. :)

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sums up my month…

You have to go HERE to read about it…trust me it is worth it…

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hudson’s new favorite hiding place…

The clothes hamper in our bathroom!  It cracks me up because that was my favorite hiding place at my grandmother’s as a kid.  It is the perfect size for him:







Then my thoughtful boy helped put the clothes back:


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zoo Playdate!


We went to the zoo this week for playgroup.  Because of the super cold weather we have been having, we haven’t been to the zoo in months.  We had a great - weather day this week – perfect for the zoo!




I got to practice a little more that day as well:




Hudson LOVES the penguins.  He would stay there all day if I let him:



Before we left Mallie and I took Gates and Hudson on the train.  We ended up riding it three times!  Such fun!






How cute is this picture???






Looking forward to more fun zoo trips in the near future!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

23 Months!!!!


Dear Hudson,

You are 23 months old today!!! Just one short month away from 2 – wow!  You have had a busy month.  We celebrated our second Christmas with you which was so much fun.  You definitely got it more this year – it was delightful to hear you say “Wow” and “Whoa” over and over again. :)  Your vocabulary has really expanded over the past few weeks.  It is such a joy to hear new words coming from your lips!  Some of my favorites are “yea” when we get you out of bed in the morning, “what is it” about EVERYTHING, “hi guys” to everyone you see.  It is so much fun and we look forward to hearing even more in the coming days.  You are still a pretty picky eater, but you are starting to come back around which is a big relief.  You are a happy and BUSY boy.  You love to be outside and explore and you love to run non-stop.  You have the sweetest spirit which we just adore – you are always giving out hugs.  You especially love to hug other little kids – even ones you don’t know. We love you and your sweet heart so very much. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving on…

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, emails, phone calls, etc.  We have felt so much support and love and cannot tell you how much we appreciate it.  The heartache is still there and will be for a long time I am sure.  In the meantime we are pouring our hearts (even more than usual) into our little Hudson. Before all of this happened, I had signed up for a photography class.  I figured it was about time I learned how to use my camera. :)  I am so glad I did because it has turned out to be a great distraction.  It was a beautiful day today, so we spent some time in the backyard playing.  Well, the boys played and I practiced…be prepared for some super picture heavy posts in the coming days:

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