Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

2010 was an interesting year for the Fletchers.  It was full of joy, blessing, trials and tears.

In January we lost a baby.  It was definitely not the best way to start off the year.

In February we experienced a record snowfall which caused us to lose power for a few days and Hudson turned TWO!!!

In March construction began on our house.  And we found out that we were going to have another baby!

In April I spent the month hooked up to a zofran pump and IV's...and trying to stay out of the hospital!

In May Hudson and I both became popsicle addicts. 

In June my dad had another heart attack.  A few days after that (Father’s Day to be exact) I landed in the hospital.  And a few days after that…we found out Harper was a Harper!!!

In July our house was almost finished!

And in August finally moved in and days (literally) later hosted a bridesmaids luncheon for my cousin.

In September we named our baby girl and I went into survival mode until the end of pregnancy.

In October we visited as many pumpkin patches as possible and wondered if Harper would be an October baby.

In November we welcomed our sweet baby girl! And rejoiced in becoming a family of four!

In December we enjoyed our first holiday season with both of our babies!!!

What a crazy, wonderful year 2010 was!  We look forward to 2011!!!

Christmas Day!

Christmas with a 2 year old was truly magical.  When Trent went to get Hudson he asked him if saw Santa the night before. Hudson replied, “No, I saw dinosaurs!”  Good thing Santa knew about his great love for dinosaurs!

DSC_4560 DSC_4562

Look! Santa came!

 DSC_4563 DSC_4564 DSC_4565 DSC_4566 DSC_4570 DSC_4579 DSC_4586

Our Christmas morning tradition – Monkey Bread!

DSC_4610 DSC_4619 DSC_4630 DSC_4640 DSC_4646 DSC_4657 DSC_4659

It was Christmas which is the ONLY reason Hud got a cookie before dinner!

DSC_4772 DSC_4774

Both our families joined us for Christmas dinner so we had quite a spread…

DSC_4779 DSC_4795 DSC_4807 

Harper had a great first Christmas as well…:)


We had a wonderful holiday and look forward to all of the blessings 2011 has in store for us!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve!

We had a lovely Christmas Eve this year…even though I was sad that we had rain instead of the snow we did last year. 

We did a lot of hanging around the house during the day and then that night loaded up and headed to my parent’s house.

My mom made brisket and a yummy cheese ball:


Hudson had hugs for everyone:


And also was in charge of introductions (even though we all knew each other):

DSC_4449 DSC_4459 DSC_4461 DSC_4464 DSC_4476 DSC_4479 DSC_4481 DSC_4484 DSC_4486

When we got home Hudson and Harper got to open one present…Christmas pj’s!  I was hoping to get coordination ones, but I had a hard time finding some in Miss Harper’s size:

 DSC_4498 DSC_4500 DSC_4503 DSC_4507

Some sibling fun before bed:

DSC_4511 DSC_4512 DSC_4515

Hudson came back downstairs to leave cookies for Santa and then it was off to bed!


Play date Fun!

We had a fun play date a few weeks ago with Gates and Keelan.  Those 3 silly kids were playing “night” on the couch and cracking themselves up:

DSC_4382 DSC_4387 DSC_4389 DSC_4394 DSC_4396 DSC_4397 DSC_4400 DSC_4401

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fletcher Family Extravaganza!

I am very behind in blogging and hope to catch up before Christmas, but I am not banking on it.  Last week was our 8th annual Fletcher Family Extravaganza!  We started at Campisi’s which marked Harper’s first visit there.  She had a blast:


Hudson continued his 2010 trend of being the pickiest eater EVER and had crackers for dinner.  Here’s hoping in 2011 we see the return of our 2009 eater.


After dinner we changed Huddy into his pj’s and headed to Starbucks.  We got him a treat of hot chocolate which was apparently too hot and was promptly rejected.  He wanted no part of it the rest of the night.

This was the first year that Hudson stayed awake the entire time!  He really enjoyed seeing the lights this year and it was so fun to share it with him!!!


He didn’t conk out until we were close to home…late night for our boy!


This was Harper pretty much the whole night:


And some of the beautiful lights we saw

 DSC_4336 DSC_4340 DSC_4341 DSC_4343 DSC_4352 DSC_4358 

Can’t wait for 2011 Fletcher Family Extravaganza!

***Hudson does still get his pacifier at night.  It is something we are hoping to break by age 3 – but right now sleep is very important in our house and we aren’t messing with it. :)