Thursday, June 30, 2016

Park days

The girls and I hit Pantego park after dropping off Hud one morning. Fin actually had her 18 month appointment that morning, so we couldn't stay too long, but long enough to have fun!

My sweet sisters:

After the appointment, we hit Target. It was the greatest day of Harper's life, she has been waiting for Fin to be able to sit in this cart with her:

Then a Pei Wei date with my favorite girls:


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This and That

Harper has the patience of a saint! Fin LOVES to brush Harps hair and Harper always lets her:

Sister's goofing off:

Sweet sister at swim:

Harper is such a FISH!

Later that evening, we had Harper's end of year soccer party at the park. Harper and Coach Daddy:

Sweet Ladybugs!

Don't tell Trent, but the kids and I went joy riding in the Jeep!


Camping and Swimming

It was Hudson's turn for Camp Thurman! Hard to believe this was Hud's 4th year to go!!! He was so excited!

He had two good buddies in his group this year:

The first day was a bit rocky for a variety of reasons (none of which Hudson was overlay aware of), but after a quick meeting on Tuesday it was all taken care of. He had a great week!!

Meanwhile, Harper started swim lessons!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Camp and more

Harps conquering some fears at camp!!!

Full car = full heart!!!!

I promised Hudson a trip to Build A Bear while Harper was at camp (and then vice versa the next week). Lucky him, they were having a special on Star Wars characters! He picked out his two and we each put a heart in them, even Fin:

He stuffed them:

Washed them:

And then Darth and Chewy came home with us:

An even fuller car! :)

My sweet girl, having the time of her life at camp. I am so proud of her. She was really nervous about going and quite uncertain, but she LOVED it. Harper is such a girly girl, but she really got into camp! And it only took her 3 days to say to me, "I am pretty sure it would be okay if I wore a dress over my swimsuit to camp instead of a t-shirt tomorrow". HA!

I am raising two girlie girls!

Summer agrees with him!

I took Hudson and Fin to the library while Harper was at camp. I must take Hud back without Wild Child because I was too busy chasing her to help him pick out many books:

Such a great week!!! So proud of my Harps for giving it a try!

Last Day!

Last day of second grade! This was an eventful, growing year for both of us. I am so proud of Hudson and how well he did during such a challenging year! The last day was "board game" day, so he took Battleship to play with friends!

Meanwhile, I had a lunch date with these two sweet girls after pickup from Camp Thurman:

This kid thinks she is way bigger than she actually is!!

This was Harper's face when I told her this was the last time she had to sit in the "long line" at school EVER (and luckily, she couldn't see me tearing up):

Hello, Summer!!! We have been waiting for you!

The kids acted out an awesome movie for me:

Friday, June 17, 2016

End of year party!

Our lucky kids were able to squeeze in their outdoor end of the year party by the skin of their teeth! A huge crack of thunder ended the party with a bang!

Clown noses are always fun:

So are sweet friends...and Kona Ice!

Hudson and a friend went to sit on the curb to enjoy their son-cone and the boys in the class all ended up joining them:

And soon the whole class was there:

My sweet boy!

Then it was game time!

A fun sweet end to a sweet year! Good-bye second grade...hello third grade!