Saturday, April 1, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas countdown!

We wrapped up Grandpa's visit with dinner (the same night as Fin's ear tubes, she is a rock star):

Another tooth gone! This one just fell right out when she ate her breakfast!

The BEST sous chefs!

Then we pj'd up to look at some lights!

Ear Tubes!

After a few months of horrible ear infections, Fin finally got tubes and relief!! Her language exploded after finally getting the tubes! And we were thankful our favorite Dr. P was able to perform it!

Polar Express!

 We didn't do the Polar Express last year and my kids really missed it (so did I!). I tossed the idea around of going to one in East Texas but in the end got tickets for us in Grapevine. My parents were able to go with us (Trent had to miss out because he had to work).

Waiting in line:

We waited a while!! Finally on the train!

The conductor came by to punch our tickets:

Then Mrs. Claus made a visit:

She visited mom and dad as well:

We had a great time!!!