Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Day!

My sweet girl's preschool had Pumpkin Day! I got to go and spend the day with her and see a little about what she gets to do every day. Unfortunately, it was a super rainy day, we it was a modified/inside version, but still fun!

My sweet pumpkin:

Harper and her sweet friend Rose:

Harper, Rose and friends!

Stretch and Grow:


Painting pumpkins!

Harper and her finished product:

Harper is JUST like her mommy and did not care for the petting zoo. We opted to step inside and take selfies:

Inside free play:


We wrapped it up with snack and story time. Then Melissa and I braved the scary roads for Pei Wei for the girls.
Such a fun, sweet day with my baby girl!!

This and That

I love watching her play and playing with her!


The pumpkin patch at Harper's school:

Princess Fin:


We have had some crazy rainstorms! Soccer was cancelled and Trent was working late, so I decided to run to Chick Fil A to get the kids dinner. I loaded them up and had the fleeting thought to grab Hud's PDM, but we were going to be gone literally 10 minutes and they were eating at home.


While we were waiting in line, I got a text from a friend who lives near us asking if our power kept going out. It had surged a few times, but that was it. I thought nothing of it. I got back home and noticed the porch light wasn't on anymore. Still didn't register. I pulled in the driveway and the garage door wouldn't open. Then it hit me - we had no power. And I had no key to the front door.  I start internally panicking. The kids were hungry wanted to eat AND MY KID'S LIFE SAVING INSULIN WAS IN THE HOUSE.

I set them up with a car picnic and then called my mom. Thank goodness she has a key and lives close. She came over and rescued us (and reminded me again to get a key) and Hud got his insulin and was none the wiser.
And I will never leave home without the pump again.

Thank goodness we have Harps in a blackout:


We had the amazing opportunity to sit court side at a Mavs preseason game. We were able to have dinner beforehand and our original seats had a view of this guy on the practice court:

Long story, but those weren't our seats. We had dinner where we were supposed to and then hit the court.
I swear this kid is going to think we sit up close at every sporting event (spoiler alert: we don't). What a lucky kid!!

We made it through 3 quarters. We had a fleeting thought of staying through the whole thing, but it was the middle of the week, a school night and Hud told us he was tired. :)

What an incredible night!!

Sunday fun day

I had a "little" helper at the grocery store:

We love pretty nights where we can eat outside! Chili and cornbread on a beautiful fall night:

She cracks me up:

You have to choose your battles and shoes is a battle I have never taken on with this one:

We kept our Halloween theme going for October pods:

Trying so so hard to pull up:

This is the face of a little beauty who was up all.night.long. teething. Still no teeth! But, one tired mommy and baby. Good thing she is so cute!!

Speaking of teeth - this kid lost one during lunch!

Sweet nurse Jill is a friend to all of us. She gave Harper one of her nurse barbies:

Met up with Al for a perfect park day:


Later that night, I got to shake off my emotions with some good friends:

We went to see the one and only Taylor Swift:

The coolest thing was each person in the stadium was given a bracelet. During the entire concert the bracelets would light up in different colors, different times, etc. It was a truly interactive experience and very cool:

It's good to be Taylor, y'all