Saturday, November 6, 2010

Harper's Birthday!

We welcomed Harper Joy into the world on Thursday!
My c-section was scheduled for 7:30 so we had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. Thankfully, we live extremely close to the hospital. I took something to help me sleep on Wednesday night, but I still didn't sleep very well. I was a little nervous even though I had been through this before and I was super excited to meet our daughter.
They have changed a lot of things at the hospital since we had Hudson there, almost all of it for the better. One of the biggest changes was I started in a L&D room instead of triage and my mom was allowed back beforehand. She and Trent kept me calm while we were waiting to get started.
My biggest fear about the c/s was that I would throw up again through the whole thing (TMI? Sorry). I had a long talk with the anisthesiologist beforehand about what happened last time and trying to prevent it this time. He must have been a miracle worker. I did get sick at the very beginning, but only one time. After that it was smooth sailing. I was very alert and aware during the whole procedure, which was very different from last time. We laughed and joked through the whole thing with my doctor.
When they got Harper out - it was no surprise that she was big. It was surprising just how big she was though - I had flashbacks of Hudson because everyone gasped when they pulled him out because he was so big, at least we thought he was big until we saw Harper! The other shocking thing was how much hair Harper has and the fact that she has blond highlights! It looks like we took her to the hairdresser. :)
If you look at the scale you can see how much our "little" girl weighs: 9 lbs 13.5 oz at 2 weeks early!!! If we had gone to my due date she might have walked out of me! She is 21 inches long.

First feeding. She struggled a little with her blood sugar at first, which is common with large babies. She took her first bottle like a champ and her sugar was up in no time. She has a big appetite already!

First bath - washing that LONG hair! I couldn't get over how much hair she has especially since Hudson was bald for his first year. :)

And here she is - our beautiful Harper Joy. We are so thrilled and proud to have her here. Welcome to the world baby girl!!!


Holly said...

Dear Harper,
You are such a beautiful little baby girl! So happy that you are here safe and sound, and that your Mommy can finally start feeling better. You are a wonderful "outside" baby! :) Love you all!!

Meg said...

love her love her love HER!! and there is nothing i love more than a little chunky baby ;). i prayed specifically thursday morning that you wouldn't be sick during your c-section so you could just ENJOY your day, so it just thrills my heart to hear it went so well!! i know you are cherishing having her in your arms and not your tummy :). savor every second!! XOXO!!

Jill said...

She's just wonderful, Meggan! So beautiful and healthy. :)

And I spy Dr. Z! She delivered Andrew and I liked her so much.