Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunflowers! A new tradition!

There are beautiful crops of Sunflowers popping up all over North Texas. Of course, that meant I had to get the kids pictures in them. We were careful to stand in front of the sunflowers (crops are being ruined from people stamping them down trying to get pictures) and to find a field off a side road instead of off the highway.  We found a beautiful field, thanks to a tip from a friend.

Sweet Harper:


My two biggest blessings:

DSC_3795 copy DSC_3798

My sweet boy:


 IMG_4525 IMG_4527

Popsicles and pools

Day 4 of VBC was supposed to be Beach day. However, we didn’t make it to Day 4. There were a couple of reasons, but not worth going into on here. Regardless, the kids had a fun day.

Hudson had a super fun playdate with his sweet friend Cole:


Then both kids had a sleepover with Nana and Pop. That entailed the pool and popsicles, of course:


VBC Day 3

Day 3 was “pink” day which Hudson was NOT thrilled about or really on board with – at all. The hat (which matches SO well) made everything better:


Ranger Game!

Trent was gifted the company seats again for a Rangers game (sidenote: Hudson is going to begin to think this is the norm for Ranger games!  But, I will admit after my many years of employment at the Ballpark, I am a little spoiled myself).

We dropped Harper off at Nana and Pop’s for a sleepover and headed to the Ballpark:

IMG_4489  IMG_4500

Our tickets also came with dinner in the Capitol One Club. Luckily they served hot dogs for this little guy:


He was way happier about his cookie though:


Every boy needs a Ranger hat:


Me and my sweet boy:


This kid can eat some popcorn:


And just like last year, we were super close to this guy:


It was an amazing night! So thankful we were able to go and that Hudson was able to have such an awesome experience!

VBC Day 2

Day 2 was “Tacky Tuesday”. This was Hudson’s choice for the day:


Meanwhile, Harper and I hit the park with some sweet friends:


After lunch, they told me they were going to “nap together” (in other words – play, talk and not sleep at all):


They ended up in my bed after an hour and watched a movie:


VBC Day 1 and more

Last week was Vacation Bible Camp.  The first day was Superhero day. Right up our superhero loving boy’s alley.  Of course, he wore his avenger shirt and took his Captain America shield:


Meanwhile, Harper and I did a little shopping. And she managed to bum 2 free rides on the merry-go-round (and was offered a 3rd!). stinker. :)


After VBC and rest time, we headed to Hawaiian Falls to meet some friends. A perfect way to end the day:

IMG_4479  IMG_4476   IMG_4480

Father’s Day

The littles with the best daddy in the world!


Trent and the kids headed to church (I wasn’t feeling 100% so I stayed home).  After lunch and rest, we headed to my parent’s house to swim and grill.

DSC_3724 DSC_3726 DSC_3727 DSC_3730

Hudson made up the “crazy chicken” jump:

DSC_3740 DSC_3741 DSC_3742 DSC_3743

Daddy may be on oxygen, but he can still dive!

DSC_3744 DSC_3747 DSC_3749 DSC_3751

We had to have a talk with Hudson that you can’t lay back on this slide:

DSC_3752 DSC_3756 DSC_3757

He has turned into Love it!


Decorating the Father’s Day cookie:

DSC_3769 DSC_3774 DSC_3775

We had a great time celebrating two great dad’s!

Father’s Day “camp-in”

Hudson and Trent started a new Father’s Day tradition this year. A “camp-in” the night before Father’s Day. Harper is looking forward to joining in a couple of years. :)

Hudson was thrilled to have a sleepover with Daddy:


Getting comfy. They watched Rise of the Guardians:


Then came downstairs to take a break to make s’mores:

IMG_4443 IMG_4444

He may have a hard time trying new foods, but not when it comes to anything sweet!

IMG_4445 IMG_4448

Ready for bed!


They had so much fun!  Hudson hasn’t stopped asking to camp again since. :)