Sunday, April 24, 2016

16 months!

Dear Finley,

You are 16 months old!!! Are you tired of hearing how much joy you bring to our family? Sorry, you are about to hear it again. You exude joy and bring so much to our family. We ALL love you so much and can't get enough of you.

Your sleep - the same. :) You usually go to bed between 6 - 6:30 (though you can be pushed if need be). You wake up anywhere between 8 and 9 (later for me, earlier for daddy). And then you take one or two naps, depending on your wake up time.

You love to eat! You still try most foods and like most everything you eat. PLEASE stay that way (don't follow in your brother and sister's footsteps on this one).

Still no walking, but you are getting closer!

You are my most daring child. Your nana calls you wild child and a daredevil. Walking aside - you are pretty fearless! 

You are your mama's girl. We are pretty attached to each other. :)

You love to play. You get all of your toys out and go to town. Your favorite thing is to pretend to eat which is hilarious. You also like to talk on the phone and hug your babies. :) You also LOVE to swing.

You love your bubba and sissy. You follow them around, hug on them and lay down on them. You want to be where they are and thrive on attention from them.

You remind me of both of your siblings - you have your own little language like your bubba (with quite a few real words thrown in) and you understand everything just like your sister.

You love to dance. You hear music and you are dancing. You are sweet, easy going, love to snuggle (on your own terms), love Noodles, sleeping, eating and playing.

We love you SO MUCH. SO much. I can't tell you how much.

Love you baby girl.


Dance Competition #2!

April was the month of travel! The second weekend found us traveling to Terrell for Harper's second dance competition!
My sweet cow:

She loved staying in the hotel!

They did so well! High gold and first place!!!

So proud of this sweet girl! We weren't allowed to start competing until we were 11 when I was growing up. It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage and do this at 5!


We hit the FW Zoo with good friends:

This girl makes us laugh all the time!

Harper LOVES her recital costume:

The kids LOVE the jeep (this was the first time I got to ride in it):

His latest lego creation:

Is there anything better than shopping in pjs???

Pre-K picture day!

Always Fin on a  shelf:

Another day, another zoo. This time the Dallas zoo with sweet friends!

Muffins and Mom's with this sweet boy:

Life of the third baby...eating breakfast at pre-k drop-off in the car:

Baby yoga:

I got this picture from a sweet friend, who wanted to point out that Hud is Trent's mini-me...ha!

Field Trips and Fredericksburg

My friends and I had been planning a girls weekend in Fredericksburg for months. At this point in time, it was just what the doctor ordered:

Meanwhile, Hud and the second grade went on a field trip to the ballet. They saw Peter and the Wolf, Hud loved it! His sweet nurse, Anne sent me this picture:

There is a lovely winery in Fredericksburg with a beautiful patio area and delicious pizza. We were happy to relax here for a while:

Melissa had never taken a wine tour so we did that as well:


And FaceTime with my babies:

Fredericksburg is not short on delicious food!

Or pretty views:

Catching up...

Harper's pre-school has them start walking in on their own the last couple of months, put their stuff away, etc in an effort to get them ready for Kindergarten (sniff). These girls were ready!

When big sister dresses you up:

Pesos Bill and Calamity Jane:

My girls:

Fin watching the weather roll in:

Bad storms rolled in, but we had a magic show and Fin on a shelf to keep us entertained:

"Fin, lay on Bubba":

These two are cut from the same cloth!

Hud and his buddy love to Facetime:

When life gives you hail...get a jeep: