Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday fun

The kids hosted “thanksgiving dinner” in their Christmas pjs…in August:


Look at this sweet, future Baylor bear:


We took a road trip to Fossil Rim (of course):

IMG_5936 IMG_5941 IMG_5943 IMG_5945 IMG_5946

This looked VERY familiar:



Last bonus day…

We wrapped up our bonus week with a few of Hudson’s favorite things (and one of his not so favorite things).  He wanted to go to one of our favorite parks, so we did:

IMG_5907 IMG_5909

It was a park we used to live by when he was a baby. So, when he got ready to slide down the slide:


I had a vivid flashback of that slide:

And couldn’t really stop the tears.  (That happened a lot during bonus week and the first week of school).

It was SO hot that we quickly moved on to our next activity. Painting!

IMG_5912 IMG_5913 IMG_5914 IMG_5915

We went to lunch nearby as we waited for the masterpieces to dry:


Unfortunately, after naps, we had to head to get Hud’s allergy shots. And I have to brag on this sweet girl, she is SO patient when we go to get shots. We have to wait 30 minutes afterwards and she (actually neither of them) never complains:


It was a glorious bonus week with my first-born and I am so very grateful that we had it.

Meet the (Kinder) Teacher!

We had Meet the Teacher night during bonus week!  I am still not quite sure how it is possible that my sweet boy is a Kindergartener!  But, yet…here we are…

Before we left:


Sweet boy at his seat!



And my sweet kiddos:


Parr Park

We also hit up one of our favorite parks during our bonus week:

IMG_5887 IMG_5889

And came home to find a sweet note from Hud’s new kinder teacher!!!


Zoo Day!

No last week of flings would be complete without a trip to our favorite place!  And the zoo has TWO new baby elephants which thrills the kids to pieces!

IMG_5841 IMG_5843 IMG_5844  IMG_5847 IMG_5872

Mom took Hudson to the MOLA, so Dad and I took Harper on the train (her favorite!):


 IMG_5876 IMG_5879

These besties love snuggling on the couch together after rest time!


Sneak peek at fall….

We got a sneak peek at fall weather after a quick shower one afternoon. Perfect bike weather!

IMG_5822 IMG_5824 IMG_5836

The one where the old man cracked our car…


Harper and I were in a bit of a wreck.  We were sitting at a red light when a man hit us going about 40 mph.  I saw him coming and knew he wasn’t going to stop and just braced myself (and also apparently screamed, according to Lizabeth, who I was on the phone with at the time).  He pushed me right into the car in front of me (I had enough distance between us, but that is how hard he hit us). After it was over, Harper was fine, but I was shaking.  She asked what happened and said, “Let’s never do that again, ok?” Deal, baby girl.  She has since told anyone who will listen that the “old man ran over us and cracked our car”. I think we are both suffering from a little post traumatic stress because on the highway yesterday she told me not to worry, she had told all the cars around us not to hit us.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big Kid Trip Day 2!

We were ready to take on day 2! Since almost every school district in Texas started that day, the place was a ghost town! It was fantastic!! (And of course, I cried when I realized we would never get to come on that day again). Anyway, it was wonderful. No lines! We just rode everything over and over again.


A sweet memory – Hud LOVES babies. He “met” a baby in the baby pool (who was about 15 months old) and he played with him for over an hour.  He took him on the little slide over and over again and kept giving him high fives. It was so sweet. When we left, he gave the little boy a hug good-bye and his mom told me what a sweet big brother Hudson must be to his sister. And he absolutely is the best!


Goofy Hud:


We stopped to get Harper a little treat to make up for the fact that she missed out on GWL. She was very excited!


Big Kid Trip!

Melissa and I kicked off this year’s big kid trip with lunch at In and Out:


Then it was on to the main attraction, Great Wolf!!

IMG_5786 '

We were able to upgrade our room to the Kids Cabin:


Then it was time to hit the water:


So excited:


Can’t go to Great Wolf without the dino robe!


After a delicious dinner, it was time for story time.  I am so thankful for one-on-one time with my sweetest boy!