Sunday, March 30, 2014

6 year stats

Hudson had his six year check up (with our new pedi whom I LOVE!):

He passed everything with flying colors. :) 
Height - 48 inches (95%)
Weight - 51 pounds (75%)

Hud is the hight of an average 7 1/2 year old!! :)

Last game!

 Hudson had his last basketball game at the end of February.  Upward Basketball was such a huge blessing for us.  Hudson did awesome and learned so much!  He has a real love for basketball and really has a talent for it!  Since the last game coincided with his birthday party, he was on a real kick of telling everyone that it was his birthday and he was six.  His precious coaches asked if they could announce his birthday and have the entire gymnasium sing to him.  He loved it!! I was able to catch it on video as well.

His sweet team:

 What a great season!

Museum Fun!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The big day!

Harper and I were ready to greet the birthday boy!  

I didn't get any pictures because I was videoing him instead :)

Birthday boy!

He had school that day.  That was hard for me, this was the first birthday I hadn't spent the entire day with him.  Luckily, I was able to take a treat up to his class and spend a little time there with him:

His Grandpa and Grandma sent a gift card for him and so we stopped at the store after school to pick something out. My Star Wars obsessed buddy picked this out:

Then we went to pick up his sister, Nana and Pop:

Birthday dinner!  Birthday boy picked Joe T's of mother, like son....

We came home and let him open his gifts from us. Skylanders (which he has been dying for and this:

His daddy made him an awesome Lego table!!!!

Hudson is Six

Dear Hudson,

Six years old!  I can hardly believe it, but if I am honest I can't remember life before you.  You have blessed our life in ways that I can't even put into words. I am so beyond thankful for you.

You started Kindergarten this year.  This has been a much bigger adjustment for me than it has for you. You are thriving. You love school, love your teacher, love your friends.  You have learned to read which is still mind blowing to me. Listening to you read is one of my favorite things to do. You enjoy practicing writing and you are diligent about school. I told you I had to pick you up early one day and you were very concerned about getting your work done. You have made some sweet friends this year, friends that I hope you have for a very long time.  Your teacher has been the perfect fit for you and we are so thankful. You are right where you are supposed to be and it is perfect.

You have really become interested in sports this year. You love to watch anything sports related with your daddy, especially basketball. Speaking of basketball, you played for the first time this year and you really loved it!  It was so exciting to watch you play.  I love watching you play any sport.

Your sister is your best friend.  You love each other so much and you take such good care of her (even when she is being 3).  You play very well together and you will even play "girl" stuff with her sometimes (but, don't worry I won't tell anyone).

You love going to the park, zoo, bounce house, fossil rim - anything outside and/or active. I miss our daily outings, but we make the most of your time away from school.  We try to go to the park after school on pretty days and take a Fun Friday adventure most weeks.

You have been on allergy shots for a year. I am so proud of how well you have done.  It is not easy getting a shot every week, but you have been beyond brave.

One of my favorite things about you right now is your thirst for knowledge. You question everything and I love it (even if I have to google some answers). I especially love how much you love reading the Bible and expressing your love for Jesus. It makes Daddy and I so happy. I pray that you will always cling to that.

You are so creative.  The stories you tell are hilarious (and very involved).  You love to draw, paint and sing.  And you have gotten very into Legos and are incredibly skilled at putting them together!

You are growing up (too quickly), but you are still my cuddle bug.  And I love that so much.

We love you more than words can say.  I pray every day that you know and feel the love we have for you.  I don't want a day to go by without realizing how very special you are to us.

I love you sweet boy.


Sunday, March 2, 2014


Last sleep as a five year old...

Park Fever

 When we have a string of pretty days (especially after the winter we have had), we live it up at the park!

Hudson had his 100th day! 100 days of Kinder! I can't believe it. And I am so proud of how far he has come in 100 short days!
Reading to sissy on the way to school (they car was not yet in motion:)):

This sassafras cracks me up:

This and That

 Baseball season is here again! We kicked it off with practice on a beautiful day.  Hudson is playing coach-pitch this year which is a big step up!
My playroom project is almost complete! Just missing the R and you can't see the Z:

Hudson had a 100th Day of Kindergarten project. He had to select 100 of something to put on a shirt. We went with Legos for my Lego loving boy:

Hudson loves writing and spelling things out. Trent gave him a book to copy. He did really well!

Working on his "Me" board for his About Me unit at school:

NO idea what they are doing here after school:

Sweet girl:

Teddy Bear Parade Fun!

Harper and I stayed on Valentine's Day to watch the Teddy Bear parade. Hudson loves the parade!  He took Judge the first day and one of his puppies the second day:

His sweet class!

All 16 of them squeezed in the elevator!

February 14 also marked exactly one year of allergy shots.  I am so proud of this boy and how brave he has been this year!! It isn't easy for a kid (or anyone) to get a shot every week, but he has been so, so brave!!!

We met Trent for a family Valentine's Day date at Joe T's after the shot:

A great day with my favorite people!