Sunday, April 29, 2012

More t-ball fun!

****Please note the corrected jersey :)

DSC_4962 DSC_4966 DSC_4967 DSC_4970 DSC_4973 DSC_4975 DSC_4979 DSC_5000 DSC_5001 DSC_5007 DSC_5014 DSC_5016 DSC_5017 DSC_5019 DSC_5024 DSC_5033 DSC_5034

Tea for Two…

I have said it a million times, but Hudson is the sweetest big brother. He interrupted his “power ranger” play to have a little tea party with Harps:

DSC_4955 DSC_4956 DSC_4960

Love their sweet relationship!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Ranger Game!


I love all of the firsts, I really do. And this was a first I have been looking forward to for a LONG time.  Trent was offered the company seats to a Ranger game last week. We were SO excited to take Hud.  The Ballpark is such a special place to me after working there for SO long. And of course, we love the Rangers!  So, when the day came to go, I was very upset that my allergies (or whatever they were) had turned into a sinus infection and I felt AWFUL. Truthfully, I should have stayed home and gone to bed, but there was NO WAY I was going to miss this!!! So, off we went:

DSC_4821 DSC_4823 DSC_4825 DSC_4826

The seats were awesome and I loved watching Hud take it all in:

DSC_4827 DSC_4828 DSC_4829

Our seats were super close to this guy:


It was nice of him to turn around for me ;)

DSC_4835 DSC_4839 DSC_4847 DSC_4849 DSC_4850 DSC_4851 DSC_4853 DSC_4863 DSC_4866

Even though none of us felt 100% we had such a great time!!!  Looking forward to many more games and of course, Harper’s first game! :)

Easter Sunday Part II


Because no day is complete around here without a little superhero play:

 DSC_4691 DSC_4693 DSC_4697

Harper woke up from her nap and the kids opened their Easter goodies from Nana and Pop:

DSC_4734 DSC_4735 DSC_4737

Then it was time to hunt some eggs. There was a brief pause in the thunderstorms we were getting that day, just long enough for a quick egg hunt:

DSC_4743 DSC_4744

I had high hopes Harper would be out there chasing down eggs this year, but it was not meant to be. Nana helped her score a few:

DSC_4746 DSC_4748 DSC_4751 DSC_4758 DSC_4760 DSC_4772 DSC_4778

The Easter bunny put change in the eggs this year, so that Hud could fill up his train bank. He was pretty excited:


Trent (as usual!) cooked a fantastic meal for us:


Hudson went to Nana’s the day before to help bake and decorate the traditional bunny cake:


And then really enjoyed it: