Thursday, August 28, 2014

Seaside Road Trip Day 1

At the end of July, we headed out on our second long road trip of the month (I think I should win a prize for taking two long road trips in one month while pregnant! ;)).  We had spent a little time in Seaside two years ago at the end of our Disney trip, and we were anxious to go back.
Thankfully, these two are great little travelers (let's pray they train their little sister well!):

We stopped for lunch at Raising Cane's in Louisiana (Trent loved it, they didn't have Ranch...enough said):

 We finally pulled into the condo at around 10:00 and these two were thrilled to be there!

And anxious for a slumber party:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We have been blessed with an incredibly mild summer. During one of our "cold fronts" (Because there were multiple!), we took advantage and hit up the Dallas zoo. Our outdoor activities were limited this summer due to the pregnancy, so we were excited!  And we have been wanting to check out the Dallas Zoo for a while:

When we got home the kids planned a celebration for the baby. They even dressed up for the occasion:

We did some more painting:

And some fly wheels:

Cute kiddos:

We had our "big" sonogram...she was still a girl and HEALTHY!

The kids and I hit up Chick Fil A afterwards to celebrate:

This and That in July

I took the kids to the museum at the Flight Academy.  We had not been since Hud was super little and  they were having a Lego exhibit.  Harper did some light reading on the way:

Afterwards, we took them to my dad's old office to visit his co-workers:

We had a fun playdate at Creative Hands with sweet friends:

We visited the Perot Museum for the first time:

We had a family swim:

And a fun night with friends:

I love how much these two love each other:

We finally made it to Hawaiian Falls (for what I am embarrassed to say was the first time):