Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sleepovers and Camp Aurora week

These cuties had their first sleepover! Lizabeth and Toby were brave to take on two Fletcher kids at once (especially Harper, ha!). They had a great time!!

Lizabeth sent me this the next morning...the girls took it upon themselves to fix their own breakfast. Fruit Loops and coke!!!!! (They didn't actually drink the coke). They are messes!!!

Then it was time for Camp Aurora! Camp Aurora is a day camp in FW for Type One kids. Cook Children's endo department puts it on. They spend the week doing fun activities - canoeing, crafting, swimming, archery, etc. with some diabetes education mixed in. Hudson had a few local friends there and met some new ones as well!

Meanwhile, the girls and I stayed busy. We hit the FW zoo splash park again:

Chick Fil A:

Harper wanted to take Finnie to the splash park we used to go to. Unfortunately, Fin wasn't super into it and Harper was over it fast! Ha!

They wrapped up the week at Camp Aurora with Color Wars!!! This is what Hud looked like when I picked him up!!

He had an amazing week! He learned so much and it was really life changing for him. People told me I would be shocked at how much camp would impact him, they were right!!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer happenings

We had a fun playdate at the Tanners!

Sweet BFF's

Then I got to take this cutie to golf lessons!

Harper had her final dance competition for the season - Nationals!


The kids and I love a Waco play date!! We met our sweet friends at my friend's in-laws pool. It was gorgeous! Like a resort pool.
My sweet girls:

The whole crew!

We went to get ice cream at a new place on campus. Of course, Finnie had fallen asleep in the ten minute drive! Hud wanted to take a selfie:

A few seconds after this was a complete collapse on the floor!

The beautiful new fountain on campus:

Father's Day on...

 We went swimming and grilled out for Part 1 of Father's day!

Part 2 was spent at Harper's dance banquet at Joe T's. No place else her daddy would rather be!

Harper had such a great first year of company! We are so grateful for such  a great studio and great teachers!

We had a low key day at home on Monday:

Hudson likes to take his old pods off when they are "slippery". We had TWO fail this day and so at this moment he had 3 on him, plus a dexcom. The obvious answer to getting those off? Water balloon fight:

Harper had a fun playdate with her sweet pre-k friends:

This is how the big and the little feel about summer dance class:


Concert in the Gardens!

Our whole family looks forward to Concert in the Gardens every summer! Once again, we attended the Star Wars show with some friends.
Harper trying out the Kylo Ren mask:

It was HOT!

Shockingly, Harper joined in the pics. Then she was over the line and went back to Trent:

The lines were a little crazy this year and it was nearly a disaster, but we managed to get pictures with all of the characters. Poor Darth Vader, I can't believe he didn't have a heat stroke!

Always a sign of a good time!