Sunday, August 29, 2010

Conversations with Hudson….


I am amazed at how far Hudson has come in his speech in just a couple of months.  We are so thankful that our little guy is talking to us so much more!  Just a short time ago (like April or May), Hud wasn’t identifying body parts, animal noises or anything. He now knows them all and is speaking in four and five word sentences!  We are so PROUD of him – we almost can’t stand it. There is nothing sweeter to me than hearing my little guy say, “Whatcha doing Mama?”. This is such a fun age and is proving to be my absolute favorite so far!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Where are we going? To the zoo!

I have really missed taking Hudson to the zoo this summer. It is one of my favorite things we do together.  However with days like this:


It just hasn’t been an option. I am not even sure it would have been an option if I wasn’t pregnant.  Anyway, we had a “cold” front this week and the temps have dipped into the low 90s!  I decided this morning we should brave the zoo for the first time in a couple of months. I am so glad we did!  The weather was perfect and with the kids back in school, it was not crowded at all!


My mom came with us which was very fun.  When we went to see the penguins – I sat down on the little bleachers to take a little break. Hudson LOVES the penguins and gets as close as possible:


Mom was standing behind him to make sure he didn’t fall backwards. Mr.Independent wasn’t having any of that…he told her to “go”. When she only took a few steps back, he led her to the bleachers, patted the seat next to me and told her to sit.  Then he went running back to his beloved penguins.

We wrapped up our visit with a ride on the train.  Hudson is really into riding the train now which I love!  I especially love it because it means we don’t have to walk back to the entrance and my pregnant self appreciates that. 


Today made me really excited for fall weather. I look forward to spending time outside with my favorite boy again!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 months old (aka 2 1/2)!!!!!



Dear Hudson,

You are 2 1/2!  How is that even possible?  I think this might be my favorite age so far and there are times I wish I could stop time and keep you this age.  Of course, then a temper tantrum surfaces and I am happy to keep going forward. :)  Your speech has taken off leaps and bounds the past few months and we are amazed daily at the things you say.  It is such a joy to hear you talk, little man.  You love to ask “What you doing mommy?” all day long and I am so happy to hear that.  You are extremely polite and thank us for everything.  You love to say hi to everyone at the store, Costco, etc.  You ask for your friends by name daily, especially Gates.  You have a funny game you play at stop signs that we haven’t quite figured out yet, but you enjoy yourself.  It involves saying “Isee! and away!” really loudly.  Currently, you are obsessed with ghosts thanks to an Olivia episode.  We have watched a little too much TV this summer due to my pregnancy.  You love Toy Story – Buzz and Woody are by far your favorites. You have also renewed your love for Nemo and ask for “mo” several times a day.  You are still a Dora and a Backyardigans fan as well.

Your eating has slightly improved the last few weeks, but you are still very picky.  I never dreamed you would be such a picky eater when you were little.  We are making it though. You could drink “gilk” (milk) all day long.  You still love fruit and veggies.  But, the only meat you will eat is Joe T’s chicken and the occasional hot dog.  That makes for frequent trips to Joe T’s which is just fine with us. You have quite a few fans in the waitresses who work there.

You can count to ten, know all your animal sounds and body parts.  This is HUGE and we are so very excited.  You love looking for cows and “neighs” when we are driving. And you still adore dogs.  You are full of energy and can go non-stop all day long. Still not a big fan of naps and definitely not long ones, but you sleep very well at night.  You ask to go “outside” pretty much all day long – I promise we will once fall hits baby boy.  You love your daddy so much and ask all day where he is.  You have adjusted well to our new house and are settling in nicely.  We have decided to hold off on pre-school for another year.  I wasn’t ready for you to be away that long every week – you are my buddy!

You are not a fan of your mommy’s singing (which I think most would agree with you on).  You are still my snuggle bug and I love it. You are very affectionate and love to hug.  Often you want to hug other little kids, some who you don’t know, so we are working on personal space. :)  You LOVE babies and I pray every day that continues when your baby sister Harper gets here.

You are loved more than you can ever imagine baby boy.


Mommy and Daddy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Playtime at Playtown

Hudson and I tried out a new play area last week.  I had heard great things about it and we didn’t have anything to do so we decided to check it out.  Hudson enjoyed himself – it was a little more crowded (both with things and people) than I expected, but overall it was a goodtime. Hudson especially loved the trampoline!!!

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Friday, August 20, 2010


Hudson is a big fan of saying cheese these days when we take pictures which results in this face:



Except when he decides to say, “no pictures please”:



Thursday, August 19, 2010

Most of our week in pictures…

We finally got moved in:


Six days later I hosted a bridesmaids luncheon for my baby cousin:




The next day my cousin got married:


to a great guy:



and we have spent the rest of the week recovering from it all…:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a crazy couple of weeks…

We are back online!  We have moved, gotten 75% settled, thrown a bridesmaids luncheon at the new house, been diagnosed with GD, been un-diagnosed with GD and are finally settling down.  The closing was…well a nightmare.  12 hours of sitting in the title company office.  We got to know the good folks there really, really well. 

The GD thing – I failed the one hour and we scheduled an appointment with the high risk doctor since I had it the first time around.  I took the 3 hour test yesterday and saw the high risk doctor today.  Apparently, I passed the 3 hour and I do not have GD.  However, I am not convinced for a variety of reasons.  So, I am going to talk with my regular OB next week and may request to take the 3 hour again.  I know that sounds crazy, but uncontrolled GD scares me and I want our baby girl to be healthy. :)

Pictures to come…there is a LOT to catch up on!