Sunday, May 19, 2013

A week in pictures…

No week is complete without a trip to the zoo:

IMG_3728 IMG_3738

Mallie, Jennifer and I continue our quest to see how many canvases we can paint:


Harper and I had a lunch date at CFA (her request):


We stroller skated again. Funny guy kept “falling” and begging Harper to help him:

IMG_3758 IMG_3763 IMG_3774

A little popcorn snack:


We wrapped it up with lunch at a new-to-us place:


Backyard bubble fun

My kids LOVE bubbles! Harper could blow bubbles all day long:

 DSC_3103 DSC_3104 DSC_3105 DSC_3111 DSC_3115 DSC_3125 DSC_3127 DSC_3130 DSC_3134 DSC_3136

Another new food tried willingly…red pepper. :)

DSC_3140 DSC_3144

A little break:

DSC_3149 DSC_3164 DSC_3165 DSC_3169

Hudson was trying to convince Harper to play Charlie Brown to his Lucy (I intervened after the picture):



And a flashback:


Mercy, I love that kid. :)


Hudson has been doing such a great job trying new things! (And now the Daniel Tiger song is stuck in my head, “You’ve got to try new foods because they might taste good!)
Pizza one night!


This cutie and I took my mom to the tea room for a ladies birthday lunch:


Hudson became very attached to this worm:


Harper likes to occasionally break out into dance moves….especially at tball:



Lizabeth and I surprised the kids with a trip to Legoland! It was our first time to go and these kids were pumped:


There was a holding area that you waited in before going in to hear a story by a “professor”:

IMG_3644 IMG_3647 IMG_3648

Then there was a ride into Legoland where you had to save the princess! Good thing I had these two cute boys in my car:


The boys had fun in the playscape, while the girls hung out in the toddler area:

IMG_3657 IMG_3659 IMG_3663

We built a few cars to race:

 IMG_3665 IMG_3667

After a lunch in the food court, we came back to do it all again:

IMG_3673 IMG_3675 IMG_3678 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3685

Hudson LOVED the driving ride:

IMG_3688 IMG_3690

Later that day, this little diva watched her bubba at swim lessons: