Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This and That

Harper wanted to dress up in her new Belle outfit one afternoon:

She asked Daddy to be her "Beast" when he got home from work:

A chilly day of soccer called for hot chocolate:

We are all princess dresses all the time around here:

A fun playdate with friends:

Comfort food in a gorgeous dish:

We got a sneak peek at Twinkle Toes...it looks like she is blowing bubbles!

Hudson loves for us to have lunch with him:

My sweet boy ready for picture day:

I am so glad these two have each other:

We went to celebrate sweet Lucy's birthday:

Patriot Day

Hudson's school celebrates Patriot Day on September 11th.  I was curious to see how this all played out, I am not ready to explain to Hudson what happened that horrible day.  I hope it is many years from now before he needs to know the details.  I strive to keep my kids as innocent as possible, plus Hudson has inherited my tendency to worry and I don't want this on his brain.  All of that to say, I explained that we were wearing red, white and blue that day to celebrate the many wonderful people who serve our country and protect us:

You can't really see it, but on the way to school we saw a rainbow - awesome reminder of God's promises:

They hold a Patriot Day ceremony right after school starts and families were invited to attend:

It was a very moving and special ceremony. It was kept very age appropriate and the kids sang several songs that they had been working on:

My sweet boy:

Monday, October 27, 2014

Playdate with my sweet girl

Harper and I took a trip to the library (one of her favorite places):

And then met her friends for a sweet tea room playdate:

Rangers and more....

Hudson asked us earlier in the season to go to a Rangers game again.  It took us a while because I wasn't really able to tolerate the heat. But, in September we were offered Trent's company seats and got to go.  He was one thrilled little boy!

And as luck would have it, it was Star Wars night.  That made our Star Wars loving boy very happy.  Darth Vader threw out the first pitch:

We cut out a little early because Hud had an early soccer game the next day.  As we were leaving, these guys were exiting:

I asked Luke to take a picture with Hud:

It was a fun night!
The next day was Hudson's first soccer game of the season:

And this Princess was thrilled to cheer on her big brother:

And because it was the summer that wouldn't end...we swam the next day:

We took these two crazy girls to bounce the next week:

And this is how she likes to relax:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dance and more...

Harper started dance again (which she LOVES).  Her studio moved to a new studio.  It just happened to take over the space that the studio I grew up taking at used to occupy. We got there right when they were removing the old sign and putting up the new.  The men were nice enough to let me snap a picture first.  A true collision of two worlds:

I got to have lunch with this sweet boy:

We visited the Dallas Aquarium:

Harper tried out a gymnastics class (she wasn't a fan):

And Harper got a very sweet haircut: