Thursday, November 27, 2014

This and That

Finley finally gave us a good face view. Her lips look JUST like Harper's!

Sweet cheerleader keeping warm at the game:

This is a team of sweet boys!

Hudson hard at "work". He loves to create books!

Love how they love each other:

Halloween 2014

Halloween was a lovely night. It was cold (not chilly, COLD and I loved it).  The weather was beautiful, the kids were great.  Somehow I managed to drag my very pregnant self all through the neighborhood. Since it was a Friday night, this was the latest we had trick or treated ever.  The kids had a blast.  Obviously, I am blogging about this after the fact.  In light of events over the past 13 days, I look back on this night with great nostalgia and a tinge of sadness.  But, I will always remember it as a fantastic night. 

Harper chose to be Aurora this year (and had to explain many times that she was Sleeping Beauty because people apparently aren't familiar with "Aurora"):

Hudson wanted to be Obi Wan...continuing his love for Star Wars:

It was a gorgeous night. Oh how I love these kids.

Halloween Fun

Harper and I went to the library Halloween story time (#momfail - Due to pregnancy brain I forgot she was supposed to wear a costume.  Heartbreaking when she asked me why she was the only one without a costume on):

Hud's school hosted a fun Trunk or Treat the night before Halloween. So fun to dress up and go to his school. He was excited to see friends:

Harper had some friends there too!  

Harper and Lucy had fun at costume bounce at Urban Air on Halloween:

Carving pumpkins!

We picked a beautiful night to carve the pumpkins in the backyard: