Monday, February 27, 2012


This is a big ol’ photo dump from my phone (before I get to all the birthday posts!)…

Lately when we go to Costco, Hud likes to ride next to his sister (and usually say to her the whole time, “Say Bub-ba, Harper…Bub-ba”:


This is what happens when you make it to December and have $1000 dollars left in your flex spending account (and of course what happens next is two ER trips the first two months of the new year):


This little man and I went on a date to the zoo recently:


That same little man is just a little bit like his Daddy…just a bit:


We had two super fun Pump it Up parties (Happy Birthday Keelan and Morgan!):


After Keelan’s party, we had a little lunch at Blue Goose…Harper decided to do a little yoga:

IMAG1613 IMAG1615

Harper had her first bite of ice cream (and loved it):


Harper and Hud rocked out:


This is how I keep Harper entertained at Hud’s gymnastics class (many thanks to the other girls for lending Harper their phones, she likes theirs way better than mine!):


ER trip #1! After a little mishap at the park (it seems that he accidentally jammed a straw in his eye), we had to head up to the ER.  The doctor didn’t want to do the test to see if he scratched his cornea (they drop some dye in his eye and then use a light to see if there is a scratch) because they were sure he didn’t since he acted like it didn’t hurt. I kind of made them and I am so glad I did! He did have a scratch and we left with antibiotic drops.


Harper and Hud really like hanging out in the “panic room” of our closet to play:


Unfortunately, 2012 has all brought with it more sinus infections and doctor appointments. :( We are in the process of working out what is next for that:


Lizabeth and I headed to Dallas a few weeks ago for a sample sale of smocked clothes that we love.  Half of Dallas showed up, it was insane!!! but, super fun! I also ran into my sweet friend Laura and her precious kids while we were there!


A week after a blood draw for our life insurance policy – ER trip #2 happened!  I had pain in my arm the entire week after we had our blood drawn and woke up Sunday morning to find this:


Harper and I had a sweet little lunch date, just the two of us:


These two love each other a LOT:


Hudson is trying (as we all are DESPERATELY) to teach Harps to walk:


Our little FOUR year old pirate:

IMAG1767 IMAG1778


We have had a LOT of park time lately!

IMAG1782 IMAG1785 IMAG1796 IMAG1799 IMAG1802 IMAG1805

Did I mention they love each other a lot?

IMAG1812 IMAG1814

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teddy Bear Parade

Hudson’s school had a little Teddy Bear parade on Valentine’s Day.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but I have to admit it was pretty cute!!! We (read: I) made a box for Hud to put Judge in and then he took him around an obstacle course. The parents were able to watch from the 2nd floor. Pictures are from my phone, so not the best quality, but you get the idea:

IMAG1737 IMAG1740 IMAG1744 IMAG1747 IMAG1750 IMAG1751 IMAG1756

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day fell on a school day this year.  I set some treats out for the kids to find that morning:

DSC_2630 DSC_2631 DSC_2632

(***Sidenote – Harps just got a cute little dollar tinkerbell box. Hud was VERY upset that she didn’t get any candy in her box and asked me every day for the next week to go to the store and get her candy.  Such a sweet big brother).

Trent took a half-day because he can’t stand not spending Valentine’s Day with me. Okay, that is a total lie – in reality the heater upstairs stopped working and he came home to talk to the HVAC guy.  I had a meeting, lunch plans, Hud’s teddy bear parade at school (post on that next) and couldn’t be there.  The kids were very excited to have their daddy home early. Since it was such a (ridiculously hot) pretty day, we played outside for a while:


Trent left for a dentist appointment and the kids helped me make rice krispy treats:

DSC_2637 DSC_2639 DSC_2640 DSC_2641 DSC_2644

Pink for Valentine’s Day:


Then it was time for a movie and a little light reading:

DSC_2649 DSC_2655 DSC_2657 DSC_2660 DSC_2661 DSC_2662 DSC_2663 DSC_2664 DSC_2666 DSC_2667

And once again my boy gets tired of his mommy snapping pictures all day long: