Sunday, May 25, 2014

Big week!

We attended Kindergarten Round up (which we called First Grade Round Up) at Hudson's new school. We filled out all the necessary paperwork and got a tour of the school. One of Hud's baseball buddies was our tour guide!

The kids started swim lessons. This was Hudson's 4th summer with Mr. Bryan (I can hardly believe that!) and Harper's 1st:

Harper and I checked out toddler time at Urban Air!

Botanical Gardens Field Trip

Hudson's class had so many fun field trips this year. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a field trip curse. The Botanical Gardens field trip in April was no exception.  The night before the field trip, a bitter cold snap hit.  We pressed on and went anyway (cutting it a bit short).  The kids had an informative session about seeds:

Then we took a tour of the vegetable garden:

There was a cute playhouse to play in:

Until I catch up....

I am going to do a LOT of week in reviews!
We had lunch with Trent in his new office.  His new view:

Harper was a little off during lunch that day. A few hours later, I figured out why when she came down with an awful virus :(

Luckily, it was a 24 hour thing and she rebounded pretty quickly:

Hudson had a fun "glow" birthday party to attend at the new trampoline park:

And then we all celebrated Gatesy turning six:

My peaceful view from the porch swing:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another week in review....and the Final Four

Harper took her first swim of the year:

Hudson had his last First Faith spring program:

 The next day a major cold front blew in.  This is baseball in Texas in April:

Trent and I were lucky enough to get to go to the Final Four again this year.  We had amazing seats thanks to our awesome friend. What was really exciting for me was my dad got to join us!

We even made it on national television:

Kids playing the weirdest game of telephone ever on the way home from church:

Trent's friends came in town for the Final Four as well.  They played golf on Monday and this lucky kid got to go with them:

And this little princess hung out with me (and insisted on wearing her Sophia dress everywhere):

Back to JerryWorld for the final game:

There were three living President's in attendance! Here is Bill Clinton with Jerry Jones:  

George W. Bush and Laura were also in the suite.  A friend (whose husband was working security) said President Obama was there as well, but we didn't see him and they never showed him.

Such a fun experience!! It is truly a once in a lifetime event to attend in person!