Monday, September 26, 2011

Disney World Day 4!

We started off day 4 at Hollywood Studios (which will always be MGM to me).  We were headed to Toy Story Mania to get a fastpass when our little character spotter spotted Woody!  Woody had been eluding us all week so we were super excited.  Even better the line wasn’t that long!

They had fun little things set up to keep the kids happy:

 DSC_6848 DSC_6850

Hudson learned to give “zerbits” this week:


A super exciting bonus was that Buzz was there too!

DSC_6856 DSC_6859 DSC_6861 DSC_6864 DSC_6867

We had reservations at 11, so after we saw Woody and Buzz, we went on the hunt for Lightening McQueen. On our way, Hud (aka character spotter) spotted Sully and Mike Wozoscki (I have no idea how to spell that).  Of course, Hudson said, “I want to meet him!” So, we got in the (short) line:

DSC_6871 DSC_6872 DSC_6874 DSC_6876

He was really excited to show them his muscles:

DSC_6879 DSC_6881 DSC_6882 DSC_6886

After that it was time for Lightening and his pal Mater (we almost accidentally got in line for phineus and herb, and I have no idea who those people are):

DSC_6893 DSC_6899 DSC_6901

Then it was time for our lunch at Hollywood and Vine. It wasn’t our favorite meal, but Hud loved the characters…so that is all that matters!

First up was Leo from Little Einstein’s.  Little Einstein’s has a special place in my heart because it was the first show Hud really watched and really liked. 

DSC_6909 DSC_6910

June from Little Einstein's was next.  She kept coming back by our table and Hud would jump up every time to greet her.

DSC_6914 DSC_6917

They did a little dance party in the middle of lunch.  Hud was pretty into it:

DSC_6930 DSC_6931

Handy Manny was there!  Hud was pumped!!! Hud asked him where his tools were. :)


The green army man from Toy Story was outside Toy Story mania:

 DSC_6954 DSC_6955 DSC_6956

Hud has not stopped saluting since our trip and always adds a “yes, sir!” to it. :)  After this we rode Toy Story mania twice in a row – with NO wait. That is huge!

We headed over to the animation area to see the Little Mermaid show and then headed into the character spot.

Here is Hud meeting Frozone and Mr. Incredible (or as Hud calls him “the Man”).

DSC_6961 DSC_6963

Muscles again:


We met Pooh so many times during the trip, he became a close personal friend. :)

DSC_6975 DSC_6976 DSC_6980

We stopped to watch the parade – which Hudson was not interested in at all.  He preferred to dance around instead.


They have a great show – Disney Jr. Live.  It had little shows from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Handy Manny and Little Einstein’s.


Hud was enthralled:

DSC_7010 DSC_7011

After a very fun day at HS, Hud told us he wanted to go “flying” again. Which meant he wanted to ride Soarin’ at Epcot.  So, we headed to Epcot and rode it one more time. After that, we headed back to Downtown Disney for another fantastic meal at Wolfgang Puck Express.

This time we remembered the boat back to our resort. After the “captain” gave me grief about my Nebraska shirt (and even more grief when he found out I was a Baylor bear, and even MORE grief when Hud gave him a “sic' em bears”)…we were on our way.

Looking back at downtown Disney:

DSC_7036 DSC_7050 DSC_7069

It was such a pleasant way to get back to our resort.  and a wonderful way to spend our last night at Disney.  One more day at Magic Kingdom to come!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Disney world Day 3!

We took it easy the morning of day 3.  I was able to get a breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey’s at 11.  We had planned on swimming at the hotel that morning before our breakfast, but the pool didn’t open until 10.  We got to Chef Mickey’s a little early, only to be told that they were running about 15 minutes behind.  We explored the Contemporary for a little while and then wandered into one of the gift shops.  They had a set of little Lion King figurines. Hudson is a little obsessed with LK right now and asked for the set.  The only other thing he asked for during our trip was this:


:)  So, we happily obliged.  The Lion King set turned out to be a great purchase. It kept Hud very entertained at our non-character meals. :)

We went back over to the little waiting area and our buzzer went off at exactly 11! We were so excited and went over to the hostess – only to find out we had been buzzed by mistake.  But, they went ahead and seated us anyway (and I am really hoping they found a way to seat the family they were supposed to buzz!).



The first character we spotted was Chef Goofy!  Goofy is a personal favorite of mine because Hudson can do a perfect imitation of Goofy’s voice and I love it!

DSC_6699 DSC_6714 DSC_6721 DSC_6723

I loved watching how excited Hud was to see each character everywhere we went.  He was really anxious to show the “fab five” his Lion King figures on this day.

Chef Donald was next:

DSC_6732 DSC_6734

Here came Minnie:

DSC_6739 DSC_6743 DSC_6744 DSC_6748

And of course, the star of the show!


This story is terribly blurry, but it sort of captures how Hud would jump up and down and the characters would imitate him:



Finally, Pluto!  Hud loves him some Pluto. :)

DSC_6764 DSC_6766

and a family shot with Pluto:


After breakfast, we took the monorail to EPCOT. Not going to lie, Epcot is not a favorite of ours. Which is why we decided to do it on the day when we didn’t have much time. Plus, we didn’t think there would be all that much for us to do there.  Aaaaanway, obligatory shot of Spaceship Earth (which we didn’t ride because last time, Trent and I both fell asleep on it.  Actually, there are a couple of rides in Epcot I have fallen asleep on…):


I wanted a picture of Hud and all the Nemo characters, but he wasn’t having it.  He LOVED Turtle Talk with Crush and the Nemo ride.


And that is it for Epcot pictures.  Hud did love Soarin’ and Test Track.

After Epcot, we decided to head to Downtown Disney for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express.  We asked a couple of bus drivers for their advice on the best way to get there (you can’t take a bus straight there from Epcot). They suggested Pop Century to DD. We thanked them and then went to the Pop Century line.  A few minutes later, the two men came and found us.  They told us that they were training and that they would drive us directly to DD.  It was SO nice!  They took us right then and dropped us off right in the front. Such a blessing!

Trying to get a picture with Buzz:


A little holiday display near Wolfgang:


After finishing the BEST quick service meal ever (seriously it was SO good and FREE!), we headed back to wait for the bus (we forgot that we could take a boat straight back to our resort).  Right by the buses, there was a little area of water sprinklers. Hudson had a blast playing in them (even though as soon as he was done he wanted to “get dry!”):

DSC_6791 DSC_6793 DSC_6801 DSC_6804

We accidentally got on the wrong bus (we were staying at Port Orleans French Quarter and got on the bus for Port Orleans Riverside), but we ended up being able to take a beautiful walk back to our resort:

DSC_6809 DSC_6811 DSC_6815 DSC_6819

After, a busy day we were all ready to crash and get ready for a day at Hollywood Studios!

One story I want to remember – Hudson really loves our house and especially his bed. :) I thought he would do okay at the resort since we were all in the same room and he could sleep with one of us.  After some initial sadness on the 1st night, he was okay after that (especially once he realized we were all together).  However, the second morning we were there he told me the following:
”Mommy, that bed is NOT pertect (his word for perfect). It is too big. I need to go to Hudson’s house and sleep in my pertect red bed, okay?”

Love my sweet boy. :)