Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The weekend before...

What a "low" night looks like at our house:

Getting ready for Alan's Polar Express birthday party:

See? The fear really is over!

We were fortunate enough that Hudson's endocrinologist put a rush on a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) for us.  This is an amazing device that we insert into him every week.  With a tiny wire it tests his blood sugar every 5 minutes and sends it to a device so we can see it. We can also set alarms to alert us if he goes low or high.  Technology is amazing and brings great peace of mind:

We had our annual Fletcher Family Extravaganza! Our last as a family of four!  We contemplated waiting until after Finley joined us to go, but decided to do it before instead.  Turned out that was a good decision. ;)
Dinner at Campisis:

And then a ride through Highland Park with a yummy Starbucks:

This was our 11th year to do this tradition. It is one of my favorite days of the year!

Her name is up! We are ready for her!

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