Thursday, February 25, 2016

13 months old!!

Dear Finley,

We have had 13 months of fun with you!!!

I really do not know what we would do without you. You complete us (to steal a line from a famous movie). You are the sweetest baby girl in the world. You wake up with a smile on your face. Harper and I come in singing to you every morning and you just smile and clap.

You are still a pretty great eater. You have decided you do not love vegetables. But, you are willing to try most everything and you usually prefer whatever I am eating to what you are eating. Here is a shocking confession - you still take a bottle a few times a day. We did make the switch to whole milk (only to find out you are still intolerant to whole milk) so we switched you to soy. You have zero interest in the sappy cup though and you will only take your soy milk heated up. So, there is a chance you are slightly high maintenance. We are happy to oblige though.

I will not say much about sleep - only to say you do that. :)

You finally started to cruise this month. You have been pulling up for a bit, but not really cruising. You aren't cruising a lot, but you really have no need to. You are a super fast crawler and the bigs bring you everything. You still love your kitchen and spend a lot of time playing with it. You got a couple of push toys for your birthday and you push those around quite a bit.

Being our cherry on top, you get dragged around a LOT. You go with the flow with the best of them. As long as we have snacks (and our arms to hold you) you are good to go.

We love you so, so much. The big kids practically knock each other down trying to get to you to hug you good night every night. None of us can get enough of you. You bring a smile to our face even on our hardest days. We love you more than words.


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