Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The aftermath…

So, the snow was gorgeous.  And record-breaking…most snow ever to fall in the DFW area in one day (14 inches, I think), biggest winter storm ever and oh yeah 500,000 people lost power. Our house was part of that half million.  Around 10:30 Thursday night, the power went out.  We went to bed thinking that it would be back on in the morning. But, it wasn’t. And it was COLD.  So, after suffering for a couple of hours in the cold, we loaded up to go for a ride in the warm car.  It really was pretty:



Hudson was giving the side-eye to going outside, but not playing in the snow:





We drove by our lot…where you could no longer tell they have broken ground:


Our new street:



There were a lot of fallen trees in the area. This is a beautiful tree in my parent’s neighborhood that didn’t make it:



We came back home praying the lights were back on. They weren’t.  And it didn’t come back on until SUNDAY. That is a long time with an almost-two-year-old.  Luckily, we have sweet friends that let us spend the night with them.  It was a weekend to remember that is for sure!  Oh, and I think there was a Hallmark Holiday in there somewhere?  Yeah, we just kind of skipped over that one…:)

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