Saturday, December 29, 2012

Polar Express movie


I was really excited to take Hudson to see Polar Express at the Omni. I thought it would be a fun date for the two of us to go see the “Ticket movie” (as he calls it). Well, it was kind of a disaster from the start. We got there (the movie started at 11:15) at 10:30 per the attendant. We got our concessions (popcorn for him, diet coke for me) and went to the entrance. It was extremely confusing because there was only one person working and a LOT of kids on field trips. I finally located the person working and she told me to wait behind the stantions until she could get to us (apparently they have a contract with the schools they must seat them first).  Other general admission people started getting there and lining up behind us. The natives were getting restless…a long wait + a 4 year old do not mix well. Finally, they came to get us…at 11:20 (yes, they held the movie). They had saved seats for GA at the top of the theater.  Hud was very impressed when we first walked in.  He loved the fly over of Fort Worth (have they changed that since I was in elementary school?? Because I am thinking no).  The movie got started and he was into it…for about 30 minutes. When we hit the part of the movie where the kid gets on top of the train with the ghost/homeless person/2nd Tom Hanks character – he was out.  He told me it was too loud and he wanted to leave. I am not going to lie – I was a little annoyed. He LOVES this movie at home and I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to watch it. But, we left.

As we walked out of the theater (me still super annoyed), news starts pouring in via my Iphone about the tragedy in Connecticut. I was shell-shocked and suddenly not so annoyed.  I still can’t put into words my feelings on what happened that day.  I tried very hard to keep my tears in so Hudson wouldn’t see them (I wasn’t always successful). I cried a lot on the phone to a friend and I prayed a lot that day (and every day since).  I hugged my kids constantly that day (to the point that Hud told me I was squeezing him too tight). I still have no words for what happened that day…and I am pretty sure I never will.  The thought that babies (because they were BABIES) endured what they endured that day is unbearable and the fact that they were not much older than Hudson hits so close to home.  My thoughts and prayers are with those families. I know I will never forget those sweet babies whose lives ended way too soon.

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