Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tubes, tubes, tubes…

The Monday after GWL, Hudson had surgery for the second time this year.  Back in October during Hudson's heart scare, he had an ear infection that was so bad it ended up rupturing over and over again.  Well, by the middle of November that ear still wasn’t completely healed.  Our wonderful ENT and I discussed it and decided to go ahead with a second set of tubes. 

Despite a very early morning, sweet boy was happy:


Post giggle juice he was really happy:


Hud usually has a very hard time coming out of anesthesia (think Incredible Hulk), but this time he woke up really easily.  The nurses were so wonderful and sweet (one whispered to me that he was her favorite patient and how lucky I was to have such a sweet boy. :))  After, four (four!) popsicles they discharged us and we headed home to sleep. Oh wait, I forgot my very energetic son does not sleep during the day – even after anesthesia!!!

Later that day, we went to pick up Harper and help Nana and Pop decorate for Christmas:
IMG_2596 IMG_2615  IMG_2638 IMG_2640 IMG_2643

Mom let the kids decorate the tree completely on their own. I have to say – it is a pretty perfect and beautiful tree.

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The Dansbys said...

Elliot got ear tubes at our house on Tuesday!