Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fletcher Family Day of Fun!

Trent woke me up this morning and proposed we have a Fletcher Family Day of Fun (okay, so I called it that not him). Anyway, we played hooky from church and headed out.
Our first stop was Esperanza's for a yummy brunch. For those who do not live here - Esparanza's is Joe T's bakery. There is one location next door to Joe T's and another new location in W. FW. We tried that one a couple of weeks ago - according to Trent the original "is far superior". So there you go.
Huddy Buddy hung out with Daddy for a while after we ordered.
The smell of the food must have gotten to him because he had to eat. He loved the salsa we added to his bottle! I kid, I kid.
Next, we headed to Nana and Papa's (my mom and dad's) house so that Trent and I could lay out by the pool. Hudson stayed inside, but still got into the spirit of things...
We had such a good day of family fun! It was so much fun that Hudson was completely worn out...

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Jodeen Fletcher said...

I enjoyed your Sunday Family Day pictures - Good picture of Trent holding Hudson. Looks like they have on look-alike shirts!