Monday, May 19, 2008

Three months...

Dear Hudson,
Today you are three months old! You are cute as can be and so much fun. Your little personality is really starting to come out. You love to laugh and giggle. The fan is still your best friend, but I think we are starting to climb the charts with you, too. You love your bouncy chair and will sit in it for as long as we let you. We let you have your fun, but we love to cuddle you too much to leave you in there for very long. You are sleeping very well at night. You love to eat! :) You are beginning to like baths much more than you did when you first came home with us. We are hoping this translates into you enjoying the pool. You aren't loving the car like you did in the beginning, but once we get moving you are okay. You let us know that you are unhappy at red lights though or maybe you just want to make sure we don't forget you are back there. :)

We love you so much!!!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

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