Thursday, May 29, 2008

The V8

So, Hudson has been eating a lot lately. I mean a LOT. Poor little guy just could not get full. He was eating about 30% more formula a day than he is "supposed" to. So, after much discussion and research we decided to give him a little bit of cereal at night to help his little tummy get full. He is a few weeks short of four months, the magical age for solids, but we are only doing cereal and only once a day. The good news? The very small amount we are giving him seems to be filling him up and he is back to a normal amount of formula per day. The bad news? He really seemed to hate it the first night we gave it to him:

He is liking it a lot more now though. :)

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Cole and Christy said...

It took awhile for Chloe to like the cereal. I did not make it according to directions. I made it really thick and she liked it a lot better.