Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have been super nervous about Hudson giving up the bottle. Three months ago I started trying to replace a bottle a day with a sippy cup of formula to try to wean him slowly. Well, he wanted no part of that. Screaming, crying, shoving the sippy cup away...even throwing it! Anything to get that bottle (keep in mind he would drink water from the cup without a problem) so I decided to wait until a year and go cold turkey. Today was the day! I (tearfully) gave him his last bottle last night. This morning after his breakfast I got out the sippy cup, filled it with milk and took him to snuggle on the couch. My worrying was for nothing - he downed the four ounces in no time flat. I got him a little more and he enjoyed that while watching his new favorite show - the Backyardigans! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this wasn't a fluke!


Sydney said...

Woohoo! Good job!
My kids have all transitioned great, so hopefully it wasn't a fluke for Hudson.

LOVE Those cutie polkadot jammies!

Jaime said...

That's awesome. You sound like me about every change (shocker, I know). I freak out, usually to a pleasant surprise. :)

Meg said...

i remember sophie doing really well w/ that transition too. i did what you did...would pick her up and snuggle her close while she drank her sippy at first, just like she was used to w/ the bottle/nursing. oh i have a question for you long did you take your zofran for?? i am feeling a lot better overall but AFTER i take it. i am still taking it prob 5 days a week and am just worried about the babies (although i know the dr. wouldn't prescribe it if it wasn't safe). thanks meggan :)!!