Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day!

Christmas with a 2 year old was truly magical.  When Trent went to get Hudson he asked him if saw Santa the night before. Hudson replied, “No, I saw dinosaurs!”  Good thing Santa knew about his great love for dinosaurs!

DSC_4560 DSC_4562

Look! Santa came!

 DSC_4563 DSC_4564 DSC_4565 DSC_4566 DSC_4570 DSC_4579 DSC_4586

Our Christmas morning tradition – Monkey Bread!

DSC_4610 DSC_4619 DSC_4630 DSC_4640 DSC_4646 DSC_4657 DSC_4659

It was Christmas which is the ONLY reason Hud got a cookie before dinner!

DSC_4772 DSC_4774

Both our families joined us for Christmas dinner so we had quite a spread…

DSC_4779 DSC_4795 DSC_4807 

Harper had a great first Christmas as well…:)


We had a wonderful holiday and look forward to all of the blessings 2011 has in store for us!

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Anonymous said...

didn't know you had a blog, but i will love reading it! thanks for the tips on mine. i may have more questions for you. btw, monkey bread is our christmas morning tradition, too! love keeping up with you through the www! -kate