Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hudson and Harper meet!

We had my mom bring Hudson up to the hospital as soon as we were in the post-partum room. I was anxious to see his reaction to his new sister - he loves babies these days so I had high hopes. In true Hudson fashion he spent the first few minutes exploring the room before he noticed that there was a little person there. When he saw Harper, he went over to her and immediately started talking to her. "Hi baby. Oh, she's cuuuuuute". He tried to feed her his fruit snacks and cover her with a blanket. It was precious and made me tear up (of course). I have the feeling they are going to be best buddies and I look forward to watching their relationship grow and develop. I got some pictures of them interacting - I didn't get the new family of four picture I wanted but there is plenty of time for that later.

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