Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last day of Camp Thurman!

I have so much I could say about Camp Thurman.  It turned out to be everything I have always heard and more.  Hudson had the best week of his life.  He got in the car every day bursting with stories about his day.  He had different adventures every day and made so many new friends.  But, the best part of all is how much my little bug soaked up about Jesus. Every night he brought his bible downstairs and told us, “Now I have to do some learning about Jesus”. He memorized his verse for the week (I will have to post the precious video of him reciting it).  The week spurred so many questions about Jesus, heaven and our faith. Everything that is said is true – Camp Thurman is truly an amazing place. I can’t wait for him to go back and for Harper to attend one day.

His awesome counselors for the week, Rafiki and Drum:


The last day they got to have their faces painted, Hudson chose a jaguar:


Not sure what is going on here:


Sweet boy and his acorn hat:


So thankful for Camp Thurman and the impact that it had on my sweet boy’s heart.

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