Sunday, June 3, 2012

Belated celebration…

We met my parents for brunch at Joe T’s over Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of (very belated and a few early) things to celebrate. Because of everything going on lately, we had yet to celebrate my mom’s April birthday and Mother’s Day. And my dad’s birthday was coming up that week. So, brunch it was!  As usual, one of my children was very compliant with my need to take pictures:

IMAG2776 IMAG2777 IMAG2778 IMAG2782 IMAG2784 IMAG2785 IMAG2786 IMAG2787

The other…not so much. That is him attempting to hide from me in the second one:

IMAG2788 IMAG2789 IMAG2792 IMAG2793

Beautiful day for brunch!!

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