Monday, June 11, 2012

First family wedding…

My cousin got married last weekend. Typically, my mom is our only babysitter and she was going to the wedding, of course.  The babysitter we lined up fell through – so the kids went with us. I was a little worried about taking them for a number of reasons (namely because they are 1 and 4!).  The wedding was at 7:00 which is when they are usually in bed, but I worried for nothing because they did awesome.

Before the wedding I tried to get pictures of them all dressed up. I was in a major hurry and they weren’t really cooperating, so not the best pictures:

DSC_5522 DSC_5526 DSC_5535 DSC_5540 DSC_5542 DSC_5543

The kids were up super late – the latest they have ever been up. But, they were in great moods and did so wonderfully!

Hanging out during the cocktail hour…Hud had his first Shirley Temple:

IMAG2872 IMAG2873

He was a big fan…Harps not so much:


A sweet waitress saw Harper and insisted on getting her some milk:


Still happy around 10:

harps wedding 

Harps was tearing up the dance floor. it was cracking us up.  She was walking around the entire dance floor (at the time she was the only one out there) spinning and clapping.  It was too cute. We promised Hud cake, so we waited for them to cut it before we left. We finally headed out about 11 and about ten minutes later:

IMG00676-20120602-2324 (2)

They crashed. :)

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