Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Omaha Road Trip – Day 2 (Night)

After our wonderful day at the zoo, we drove around for a while so the kids could nap/rest. Harper got in a 45 minute nap which was just perfect!

That night Trent’s extended family came over for a barbecue.  It was the perfect weather for it!


Hudson was dying to climb a tree…I am not sure where this sudden desire came from, but Trent was happy to help:

DSC_6333 DSC_6334

Harper HATES walking in grass, but we managed to get her walking after a while:

DSC_6335 DSC_6342 DSC_6346

Sweet siblings:


Future Mia Hamm??


I wanted to get a replica of this picture:



Obviously, I realize that the kids are growing up (and I don’t want to talk about it!!:)). But, it FLOORS me how much they have changed in the past year when I look at those pictures next to each other. W.O.W.!

DSC_6390 DSC_6393 DSC_6402 DSC_6404 DSC_6425 DSC_6433 DSC_6446 DSC_6447  DSC_6459 DSC_6467 DSC_6468 DSC_6471 DSC_6477

This little stinker got into the cooler, got a capri sun out, unwrapped the straw and stuck it in – all.by.herself. Stinker! :)

DSC_6488 DSC_6489 DSC_6499

It is so rare I get pictures of the kids and I together. I treasure them!!! I need to take more!

DSC_6511 DSC_6525

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