Monday, June 25, 2012

Omaha Road Trip – Day 1

We headed up to Omaha last week.  We woke the kids up at 8 and headed out!


I couldn’t help but wonder if Toby Keith is annoyed by the fact that it is announced on a water tower that he lives there:


This child talked from the minute we left home to the minute we got to Omaha.  With the exception of the 60 minutes she slept:


Trent asked her how long she thought she could be quiet…the answer was 13 seconds.

I pulled out dollar store toys throughout the trip to keep them (her) happy. Hud was content to watch his movies the whole time. Actually, I pulled out Scooby Doo (a new dvd for him) at 1:00. He proceeded to watch that on repeat for the next 7.5 hours.

IMAG3083 IMAG3085

This was a super fun game for Harper.  Take the hat off the baby, try to get it back on, hand it to mommy and get her to put it back on. And repeat. For two hours.

IMAG3086 IMAG3087

I think the pops were the hit snack for the kiddos:


I have pretty much decided that there are zero McDonalds in Kansas that have play areas.  A couple of years ago, we wasted a good hour in Wichita looking for one.  This year we headed to the first one we saw hoping we would get lucky.  Not so much. NO play area, instead they have this:


Yeah, cause that is tons of fun.

However, ice cream is always fun!

IMAG3094 IMAG3098 IMAG3099

Back to the car and back to the dollar store bag of tricks…sunglasses!

IMAG3101 IMAG3102 IMAG3104

After many, many, many hours in the car – a Runza is a pretty good reward. :)


And so is this temperature:


We rolled into the driveway at 8:40 (I am documenting this because Trent and I disagreed on what time we arrived last year).  We got the kids down around 9:30 and hit the bed soon after. Driving will wear you out!

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