Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swim lessons 2012

Hud started swim lessons last week.  I was really excited that we were a. able to get in a lot earlier this year and b. that he is able to take with his friend Jackson!

Hud was ready to go:

DSC_5509 DSC_5512


Sister enjoyed her first sucker during swim lessons. In fact, she enjoys several at each lesson (I am bringing Mr. B. a package of suckers at the end of our lessons to replenish his stash).  She will eat about half of it and then throw it away and grab another…

IMAG2820 IMAG2823

Hudson is doing AWESOME! Such a change from last year when I had to drag him (literally) kicking and screaming back to the water.  He is going under water with ease (even asking to do it again!) and swimming really well! Mr. B. is a miracle worker. :)

IMAG2827 IMAG2831

Another huge change…Hud wouldn’t go down the slide until the very end of swim lessons last year. This year he did it the first day!

IMAG2833 IMAG2834

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