Monday, June 11, 2012

Reunited and it feel so good…

Our fun night at the wedding ended on a potentially sour note. We got home to discover that Harper had left her beloved bear at the hotel! Thankfully, she was exhausted and went to bed with a baby doll instead. I called the hotel and had a hilarious conversation with the man working the front desk. The valets had found the bear, turned it in and he was going to hold onto it for us until we could get there the next day. Before I called the hotel, I had texted my cousins to see if any of them had found the bear.  Brittany’s sweet husband Greg went downstairs to look for it.  He asked the front desk worker and he told him he had the bear, but he was very hesitant to hand it over to Greg! Very sweet, but made me laugh.  Long story short, Greg got the bear, we met them the next day to pick up the bear and we had one very happy little girl:


Actually, make that two happy kids because Hud was very disturbed that Harper’s bear was missing!

After the reunion, we ran a few errands and had a nice lunch:

IMAG2891 IMAG2895

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