Friday, June 15, 2012

A few of our favorite things…

My friends and I have been wanting to do a “Favorite Things” dinner for a while now.  With Christy in town visiting – the timing was perfect!

After nailing down a time we could meet for dinner (not an easy task with this crew!) – we set the parameters. Bring one of your favorite things for everyone, price limit of 7 dollars.

After a nice dinner and good conversation! (Christy and Rachel might add – and after the rest of you people finally got there. They had a bet on what time we would make it). It was time for the favorites!  And this crowd delivers:


To break it down:

Rachel – a headband from Etsy (which I am in love with! Harper broke my only headband, so this was perfect timing!)

Christy- chai tea mix and chocolates (both delicious!)

LynnAnn- Booths Body Wash (which has officially replaced my old body wash and is my new fave)

Holly – Sonic gift card and B&B Works soap (Sonic happy hour? Yes, please)

Jessica – an insulated cup (which is the only way I will get my water in everyday! Love!)

Joanna – a bracelet that she made! (I think she should go into business).

And I brought my super favorite bath salts!

It was SO much fun. We have decided to make it a yearly tradition! (I do love me a tradition)!


***Sidenote – the funniest moment of the night happened during this picture. We asked the guys at the table next to us to take a picture of us before they left…(By we, I mean Holly).  I was under the impression that we had been annoying them all night, however they were nice enough to take it.  However, we only gave them ONE phone to take a picture with and you can see in the mirror that BOTH of them are taking a picture. I can only imagine the caption that accompanied the picture of us that they surely posted on Facebook…

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