Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 1/2!!!!


Dear Hudson,

My sweet boy…you are 3 1/2 years old!!!!  We are having the best time with you.  You are my sweet lovebug.  You have the sweetest disposition and are so loving.  You love your sister so much and have not shown one ounce of jealousy towards her.  You always want to know where she is, how she is and what she is doing.  You love playing with her and you LOVE to make her laugh.  The few times she is crying, you are quick to comfort her.  You show the same love towards everyone else you come in contact with.  You always ask me if you can say hi to strangers. I don’t know how you know to ask me that, but it makes me smile.

Your speech has come leaps and bounds in the past year. I honestly cannot believe we were ever worried about you talking. That is mommy’s sweet way of saying you never stop talking.  :) Like mommy, like son.  You have new words every single day.  Right now you are into adding very to everything…as in “I am very tired, mommy”. You know the theme songs to all of your favorite shows and can quote movies at length.  You love Toy Story (all of them) and like to sing “you’ve got a friend in me”. Wonder Pets is another favorite to sing.  You are also into other songs lately, Row Row Row your boat and Itsy Bitsy Spider are current favorites, as well as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  Lightening McQueen is one of your favorite characters. You have recently discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and like to do the “roll call!” My favorite is when you imitate Goofy (very well, I might add). Daddy and I are SO excited to take you to Disney World.

You also LOVE to read.  You have a hard time accepting when it is time to stop reading and time to go to bed. You love your books.  You love to read to me and sister as well.

You know your Abc’s, you recognize every letter and you know the sounds each letter makes!  You can count to 20 and thanks to Handy Manny and Dora you know most of the numbers 1 to 10 in Spanish.

You sleep around 12 hours every night and up until a week ago you were taking about a 2 hour nap every day.  I am deeply afraid you are giving up your nap, but still clinging to hope that it is a phase.  Time will tell.

You are still the world’s pickiest eater.  You tell us “No, thanks. That is very, very yucky” when we offer you anything outside of your chosen foods.  You still love all fruits, most veggies, yogurt, goldfish, “mommy’s bars”, pancakes, waffles, cheerios, hot dogs, bacon, and of course fries. :)  You recently have started liking fajita steak, which is very exciting. And of course, you still will eat Joe T’s chicken. :)

We are now a bop-free household (more on that later) and I could not be more proud of you, sweet boy.

You are ALL boy, my son.  You love anything to do with sports.  You always want to “play soccer game” especially with daddy. You love to be outside and this summer has been rough for you because it has been too hot for us to be outside too terribly much.  You love to ride your trike, bike, etc. out in the driveway. You are still a big fan of bubbles. You will pull out every ball we own in the backyard and go from sport to sport.  This summer we took a little soccer tots class which you enjoyed.  Next spring we look forward to signing you up for t-ball and soccer.  But, first we start the big journey of pre-school in just a few weeks.  I am sure there will be a plethora of posts about that later and truthfully, I can’t really talk about it yet. :)

You are my on-the-go boy, you definitely take after me in that respect.  Every morning you want to know if “we go bye-bye in mommy’s car”.  You love to be out and about.  Your favorites are the zoo, fossil rim, bounce house places, paradise pond and chick-fil-a.  You are also very social and like to have your friends there to play with.

Right now you are in the middle of swim lessons. I will blog more about that later, but suffice it to say we are SO proud of you. So proud.

You and your daddy are best friends. You get so excited when he gets home each day.  He puts you to bed every night and you would not have it any other way.

Sweet Hudson, we could not be more proud of the sweet little person you are and that you are becoming.  You are quick to say thank you, quick to give hugs and so loving.  We love you so very much, I am not sure that I could even begin to tell you how much.  I am so honored to be your mommy.

We love you so much,

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