Thursday, August 4, 2011

9 months!!!!


Dear Harper Joy,

You are nine months old today!!!  This month’s picture is a little blurry because it is hard to catch you still lately.  You are army crawling quite quickly and are on the fast track to crawling on all fours.  You get from your tummy to a sitting position pretty quickly these days and back down again.  You still prefer to be held above all else and I am more than happy to oblige. :)

Your curly dark hair (with the sweet blond highlights) that you were born with is all but gone and blond hair is coming in to take its place.  Your eyes are still the most beautiful blue eyes – just like your beloved brother.

Speaking of your brother – you have started calling him Bubba this month. I will be honest, he resisted at first and insisted “I not bubba, I Hudson”. But, now he loves it and grins at you when you call his name.  This brings your word total to FIVE!  Mama, Dada, hi, bye and bubba. :)

You have made your bedtime six at night.  I would love for you to stay up a little later, but you will have no part of it.  The time you get up for your morning bottle varies, but you get about 14 hours of sleep at night.  You usually take a catnap in the morning (usually on the go) and a long nap in the afternoon.  Your sleep habits have been a huge blessing to us.

You are a fantastic little eater! You love everything you try and you are eating pretty much everything now. I still have yet to try eggs, but that will happen this month.  We have become more ambitious with table foods. I was hesitant because you tend to be my little choker, but you are doing really well with it!  so far, we have done waffles, pancakes, tortillas (of course) soft veggies and fruits. I am hoping you continue to love eating.

You took a very long road trip this month and did fantastic!  You are such a laid-back, easy-going girl.  Simply the sweetest.

Between your afternoon nap and bedtime, we call you our little monchichi.  You really want no part of playing on your own during that time, you pretty much want to be cuddled.  Again, happy to oblige. :)

We love you so very much and thank God for you every single day. I pray that you will know how very much you are loved sweet girl.



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