Sunday, August 21, 2011

Park City Day 2

On our first full day in Park City, we started out exploring the city and getting a feel for where everything was.  The weather there was spectacular (I think it would be awesome no matter what the weather is where you are, but coming from the hot, dry summer we are having…it was a welcome relief).  Look at how green everything is there!

DSC_5259 DSC_5261

This is the local high school:

DSC_5262 DSC_5264

We came upon the Olympic training center.  On Saturdays in the summer they have an exhibition, however it was cancelled this particular weekend due to the death of one of the Olympians.  They all travelled out of town to his funeral and the exhibition was cancelled.  But, when Trent and I drove up there on Friday there were some people practicing.  They weren’t the high flyers (I think that is what it is called), but they were pretty amazing to us!

DSC_5265 DSC_5267 DSC_5269 DSC_5270


I am so glad we drove up there!

That afternoon Trent and JLD played some golf and Ericka was working.  So, I was on my own to explore the beautiful main street.  I spent a couple of hours shopping in the cute shops.  Then I stopped for a snack and a drink and READ a book for about an hour completely uninterrupted! :)  It sounds small, but it was heaven to me.  They were also having an art fair that weekend and since I got there while they were still setting up, I got to wander around for free. There were some beautiful pieces!

 DSC_5320 DSC_5318

That night we had some delicious pizza from Main Street and caught up with our friends.  A perfect start to a fantastic vacation!

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