Wednesday, August 24, 2011

She crawls!!!

Our sweet baby girl started crawling this month!  The exact date was August 5th. :)  We were in Park City and my sweet mom knew I would be upset that I had missed it and didn’t tell me.  It was the first milestone I have missed for either kid :(.  However, on Tuesday morning when she started quickly crawling after something, I thought she looked a little too good at it.  And when I called mom to tell her, her reaction was a little over the top. :)  So, I knew sweet girl had been doing it a few days already. However, it was still the first time I got to see her do it and therefore still exciting. :) I do have video that I will get uploaded soon.  In other news, Harper started waving “hi” and “bye” today!  Milestones all over place! :)

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