Sunday, August 21, 2011

Park City Day 3

After a DELICIOUS breakfast with Jeremy and Ericka (the BEST french toast I have ever had. Ever.). I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of that french toast…but I was able to google a picture:

After breakfast, we decided we needed to work off all of the calories we had just taken in.  Right on Main Street there is a lift called Town Lift that you can ride to the top of the mountain and then hike various trails down.  I had never been on a lift before (since I have never skied).  I enjoyed it, except when the thing would stop to let other people on.  It freaked me out to be up that high just dangling. Also, when we got to what I thought was the top, we were really only halfway there! Anyway….here are some pictures from when we were on the lift….

DSC_5322 DSC_5329 DSC_5331 DSC_5350 DSC_5352 DSC_5356 DSC_5363 DSC_5369

This was the view from when we got off the lift…gorgeous!


And some pictures from our hike down:

DSC_5380 DSC_5388 DSC_5389 DSC_5390 DSC_5391 DSC_5392 DSC_5394 DSC_5396 DSC_5402 DSC_5404 DSC_5408 DSC_5413 DSC_5417 DSC_5420 DSC_5422 DSC_5423 DSC_5431 DSC_5434 DSC_5438 DSC_5442 DSC_5443 DSC_5457 DSC_5458 DSC_5461 DSC_5462

It took us about three hours to hike down the mountain.  It was worth every minute (and so was every pain I had the next day). 

We went back to get cleaned up and then the four of headed out to the Deer Valley Music Festival.  What a gorgeous night!!!  The symphony plays in an outdoor amphitheater on the side of a mountain!  This particular night was a series of Broadway tunes – right up this girl’s alley!  We packed a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, music and of course friends. It was a perfect night.   I didn’t take my big camera so all of these pictures are from my phone (and I am copying them from Facebook so I can’t make them smaller):


I can’t get my favorite picture to copy!  All in all it was the perfect night!


Jessica said...

I must have missed these pics on facebook, but that's a great pic of you and Trent! Looks like it was an awesome trip!!!

Grammy said...

Great looking area - great pictures!