Friday, August 12, 2011

Shrimp boil!

Trent always sees things on the Food Network that he wants to try and the rest of us reap the benefits!  He has been talking since the spring about wanting to do a shrimp boil and a few weeks ago he made it happen.  We invited some of our friends over and had a fantastic time.  Since I am NOT a seafood person, he was kind enough to throw some sausage in for me. :)

DSC_5034 DSC_5048 DSC_5050 DSC_5051 DSC_5053 DSC_5058

It was so much fun and definitely something we will do again…maybe we can do it in celebration of the world’s longest heat wave finally breaking…if that ever happens!

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Mallie&Brandon said...

G's bows match the food!