Monday, August 29, 2011

Meet the Teacher!


My baby boy is starting pre-school this week.  My heart aches just typing that.  I know it is going to be good for him and I know it is only two days a week and I know I will enjoy the alone time with Harper. BUT…he is my buddy. And Harper’s buddy. And I just flat out love being with my kids.  So, this has been a little tough on me. 

Then last week, I got a phone call.  Back in February my mom put Hud on the waiting list at what was my first choice in pre-schools.  However, it is very, very hard to get into.  Especially for a 3 year old. I went ahead and registered him at another pre-school that I was VERY happy with sending him to. My only hesitation with it  is that 4 year olds have to go 3 days a week there and obviously, I did not want that. :)  So, last week the kids and I were at the zoo and I got a phone call from pre-school #1. They had an opening in the 3 year old class.  And I had to let them know if we wanted that day. And meet the teacher was that night. And classes started this week (a week earlier than the other school).  I took a little time to think and talk to Trent about it.  We quickly took the spot – a lot of it did come down to the 2 day a week vs. 3 days for me.  As upset as I am about losing this extra week with him, I know we made the right decision. And as my friend, Erica, said – it is kind of like ripping off the bandaid. I don’t have as much time to dwell on it.

So, after swimming on Thursday night we RACED to meet the teacher.  His two teacher are very sweet and Hudson went right in and started playing.  There were so many things that confirmed it was the right decision – the little boy who dropped out was also named Hudson (lucky teachers didn’t have to change anything! :)), several of my friends have kids in the same class, we walked in and I immediately saw two sweet friends, and the classroom is a room Hud is already familiar with!  Blessings all the way around.

Hud enjoyed playing while we were there and I KNOW he is going to do fantastic.  And I promise to hold it together…until I get to my car. :)

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Cole and Christy said...

He is going to do great, and you are too:)