Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baby boy grows up…

A few weeks ago (August 12th to be exact) I decided it was d-day.  The day we were finally going to get rid of Hudson’s pacifier, or as he lovingly calls it his “bop”.  Yes, he is 3 1/2. Yes, we should have done it a long time ago.  I could list the reasons/excuses that we didn’t, but it would take forever.  But, think pregnancy, moving, newborn, the flu, mommy needs naptime, 2 trips away from home, etc.  But, with him starting pre-school in a few weeks (*sob*), I knew it was time because there was no way I was letting him take it there for naps.  He has only used it for naps and bedtime since he was 2 1/2, but it was time.

So, after his nap that Friday I snuck the bop downstairs and cut the tip off (side note – I actually cut the tip off a year ago too, but he was not deterred.  Then due to the awful flu in March, I caved and bought him a new one.  Anyway, that night when it was time for bed he went running to his bed and went to pop it in his mouth.  Only to discover it was broken.  He looked at me with huge tears in his eyes and said, “Mommy, it is BROKEN!  Fix it!  Fix my bop!!!” and then he started scrambling on the floor looking for the tip.  I got tears in my eyes (I didn’t let him see) and I came thisclose to caving, but I stayed strong.  Trent then told him that when big boys get to be 3 1/2 their bops break (which might be why he tells everyone that his bop broke and daddy threw it away and now it is gone).  Then we told him that since his bop was broken, he could have a new bike (that I won at a dinner in July).  He wanted to see it, so I brought the box up to his room and we let him sleep with it on his dresser.

Anyway, night one was rough as expected.  But, by the end of the weekend he was doing well.  Naps have been another story.  He still napped a couple of hours a day, up until the end of the bop.  I am not sure if it is because the bop is gone, if it is a phase or if he is trying to drop his nap.  Time will tell, he still goes upstairs to rest everyday. Sometimes he naps, sometimes he doesn’t.  He asked for his bop the most at naptime (which really surprised me, I thought it would be nighttime).  Overall, he is doing really, really well and we are SO proud of him!!!

I am glad we did it cold turkey, for both of our sakes.  And I am glad it was a snap decision that day on my part.  That way there wasn’t a lot of time to dwell on it.  He hasn’t been jealous of Harper’s bop at all either which is good news.

And I really wanted to get pictures of him on his new bike for this post, but he was all about the tricycle that day.  If this endless heat streak ever ends, I will get pictures of him on the bike! :)

So proud of our sweet boy!

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Meg said...

okay, you have inspired me! MUST GET RID OF THE PACI!! so glad hudson has done so well. funny that he calls it bop, liam calls is baboo :). where do they come up with these things?? xoxo :)