Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Park City Day 1

http://parkcityinjuly.wordpress.com/Thanks to our good friends, Jeremy and Ericka, we were able to take a fantastic trip to Park City, Utah!  I have been dying to go there for years and the town did not disappoint!  Trent and I both left there huge fans and will definitely return.

We flew in to Salt Lake City on a Thursday night and then made the short drive to Park City.

When we got off the flight, there were all these people waiting with balloons, banners, even a news crew!  I won’t tell you what I thought they were there for initially, but turns out they were there to welcome some troops home that were on our flight!  and yes, I teared up.

Park City 1

Since we got there so late, this was the only picture I have from Day 1 (technically Day 1/2?)…much more to come!!


The B's Peas said...

often times there are people there awaiting family members coming home from their 2 year mission...

The B's Peas said...

that is from mallie. on brandon's computer. obviously