Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Practice makes perfect…

At Hudson’s pre-school they have rest time in the afternoon.  The kids can sleep or just rest, but they have to be on their nap mats. I have been a little worried about this the past few weeks.  Hudson was still a fantastic napper up until we took the bop away. Since then it has been hit or miss. The days he doesn’t nap, he still rests in his bed, but he is not quiet.  And I mean not even a little bit.  He talks, he sings (at the top of his lungs) and you can hear him all over the house.  I know everyone says pre-school teachers are magic at getting kids to rest, but I had my doubts.  Anyway, since he has never been on a nap mat before we “practiced” on Sunday while watching Toy Story:

DSC_5789 DSC_5791

He still wasn’t quiet, but he did stay on the mat the whole movie. :)

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